We provide and install Quality new and pre-owned low mileage Engines and Transmission. We also perform Diagnostic, Maintenance, Repairs of Engines and Transmission to Domestic and Foreign Vehicles. In addition, we do full service Auto repair and Maintenance to meet your needs. We are a fully equipped shop with state of the art tools and equipment to service and maintain all cars in the most professional and cost effective Manner. Most of our services are same day but for Engines and Transmission the Turn around time is approximately one week based on availability. Our services includes but no limited to Domestic and foreign vehicles including European cars such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Audi etc. All New Transmission are warranted for 3 year unlimited Mileage Parts and labor. Pre-Owned are warranted for 6 months 6,000 miles parts and labor. Call us Today and SaveMore.

It is really important to manage the working ability of the vehicle and for that the car has to be maintained from time to time. You can try cleaning the car, but for the cope mechanical help, you need reliable technicians. Well, we at Savemore-Engine Transmission will be that team of technical experts, ready to serve you right. If you reside anywhere in Bowie, MD 20716 area, make sure to give us a call and we will offer comprehensive services to our clients.

We have a team of certified repair technicians, who have license and certified to cover all kinds of domestic cars and trucks. Not only that, but we are capable of take complete care of your import vehicles just for you. We have enough experience to cover the basic and advanced car mechanical support services, right from changing the oil to complete engine overhaul.

The best part is that we always use some high technical diagnostic equipment for repairing the vehicle or service it correctly, on the first go. In order to replace parts, filters, components and oils, we will always use the one of highest quality as compromising on quality is never an option. Other service we offer, Complete Auto repair Services including but not limited to

These services for all domestic and foreign cars including European and Asian vehicles.

"Be sure to give us a call at 301-249-8395 or email us to cover your services, on time."