You never know when you might have to take complete care of your vehicle. Therefore, keeping our numbers handy at Savemore-Engine Transmission will serve you better. When compared to any other dealer, our highly trained technicians are able to offer factory recommended full service maintenance, depending on the mileage intervals and specifications of manufacturers.

Certified technicians to help:

No matter how luxurious or family oriented vehicle you own, our certified technicians are able to cover it all. We will check every possible inch of the car with the aim to preserve reliability and giving mental peace.

  • It is highly recommended to head for factory services after covering 30,000 miles. We have segmented the services under three major heads; tire rotation, oil change and replacing cable and air filters.
  • After your vehicles have covered 60,000 miles, we will change the maintenance schedule to different requirements. Here, we will help to flush the transmission fluid, cooling system and replace the park plugs.
  • Once you vehicle completed 90,000 miles, give us a call to help you replace the timing belt for better functionality.

Perform a thorough maintenance:

Under our Factory Recommended Service, we are able to perform a thorough maintenance inspection without charging you much for the same. After inspecting the vehicle thoroughly, we will provide maintenance schedule as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. Each vehicle is different so the inspection mode will vary as well. So, the next time you are planning to get your car serviced, give us a call beforehand and we are always there to help.