Sometimes, the vehicle’s brakes seem to work less promising than before. It is mainly because of the corrosive nature of the brake with time. If you are suffering any such issue, Savemore-Engine Transmission is here to save the day. We are proud to offer you with the finest BRAKES & BRAKE REPAIR, within your cost effective ranges.

Working on brake fluid flushes:

The brake fluid is designed to absorb water with time which will cause the brake to be less effective and fluid to become corrosive. It can eventually damage the system. So, it is vital to perform one brake fluid flush on a regular basis. Joining reliable brake repair shops for the service is mandatory, and our team from Savemore-Engine Transmission will be the one to help you with this.

Working on ABS:

ABS happens to be the system to ensure that wheels do not stop rotating during brake. It might prevent the car from skidding and the driver will enjoy better control. In case, the ABS light in on, call us for auto brake service to help you fix the problem from the core.

Dealing with Brake Hoses:

Brake hose is one tube used for carrying pressurized fluid from master cylinder to brakes. A crushed hose can often cause lagged or even slow brake or a leak in hose can cause the entire system to fail. Avoid that by getting automotive brake repair from us at Savemore-Engine Transmission.

Apart from that, give us a call to get shoe and brake pad replaced when the time comes. We are always happy to help!