You have switched on the car’s AC for quite some time but the temperature remains hot and sultry. It means something is wrong with the car’s Auto A/C & Heating Services and you need to get down to us at Savemore-Engine Transmission for help. We are serving everyone within the vicinity of Bowie, MD 20716 and checking out the current condition of their vehicles. Our services are available within affordable rates and come handy with guaranteed workmanship. So, without wasting any more time, give us a call and let us help you with your vehicle now.

Reasons to maintain the AC unit of your vehicle:

With passing time, the AC unit and heating parts of the cars might break down. The hose pipes might start getting clogged and drip if not serviced proficiently. That might reduce the cooling and heating capabilities of the vehicles. Maintaining the AC and heating unit of the vehicle regularly will make the car operates smoothly.

When you need our help:

There are some indications involved which clearly show that you need auto ac repair from us now. Learn about those signs first and you will be fast enough to contact us when any of those scenarios take place.

  • If the AC fails to blow cooler air than the exterior, then you better give us a call.
  • Your car’s AC unit needs a check if the air blows out of it smells musty, damp or like mold or mildew.
  • Sometimes, the defroster might take longer time to operate and the cabin does not get warm enough in cold weather. During such instances, give us a call.
  • Sometimes, the heater or AC unit functions only when you are driving the car and not when idle. Moreover, the heating system is blowing cold air and vice versa.
  • Even at some point, you might feel that the airflow is at the lowest even with the highest fan settings.

If you ever face any of these issues, it is time to contact us at Savemore-Engine Transmission and get hold of the heater and car ac repair right now.

Evaluating the Heating and AC unit services:

There are reasons to give us a call whenever you are in need of AC unit and heater repairing services. Our evaluation is a step by step procedure, which you care to know about first. We will start by examining the blower and internal controls. After that, we will start checking radiator coolant based operating temperature, pressure radiator cap, hoses and thermostat.

Next, we will start inspecting the compression belt, system and seals for leaks or any form of damage. We will start checking the cooling system based pressure test ad verify the AC pressure manufacturing specifications. We will also get to measure the interior vent portion of their air temperature before addressing our vehicle ac repair services to our clients or owners of the cars.

More about our services:

Before you end up giving a call at Savemore-Engine Transmission, we want you to check out our repair and maintenance services. Be sure to create a checklist of the services you need us to cover.

Radiator check:

Also known as heat exchangers, radiators are used for cooling the internal combustion engine of the car. It cools down the engine y circulating the engine coolant through engine block. After that, it loses heat to atmosphere through radiation. This radiator comprises of tubes through which engine coolant flows. There are fins surrounding the tubes. When the radiator stops working, excess heat will be produced inside engine, causing damage to the engine components. To prevent that, give us a call to maintain the radiator regularly.

Working on radiator flush:

This part of the engine helps to keep the engine cool and protects it from excessive heating. It is mandatory to keep the radiator clean. However, with passing time, rust, sludge and solid start to deposit inside the radiator of the car. That might clogged the cooling system, making it less effective. It can hurt the performance level of you vehicle. So, cleaning these portions of your vehicle’s engine is important and we are honored to do that for you.

Time for hoses:

Hoses are designed to transfer coolant and even antifreeze through the cooling system of the car. These hoses will dry out and then crack with time. That’s the right time to replace these hoses with new one, and you can count on our automotive ac service for the same. We will change the old and damaged hose with new one within time. The mechanics we have working for us are the one to inspect the car’s hoses thoroughly by replacing worn out hoses and adjusting the installed ones.

Working with belts:

Also known as drive belt, these fan belts are connecting the engine to front of the mounted accessories. This belt rotates water pump and the engine fan for maintaining a cool environment for the engine with its components. With time, just like the hoses, these belts will start to worn out. During that time, you have to give us a call to get these worn out belts replaced.

Areas we would love to check:

Our mechanics have not restricted their services towards automotive ac repair only, but have segmented our vehicle repairing services under multiple heads. We will prepare your cars for the upcoming harsh weather conditions by decreasing the likelihood of any breakdown. Our technicians are able to perform all sorts of necessary preventive measures just to get the car ready for upcoming hot and sultry summer months. So, be sure to check these recommended services first.

  • We will check the battery and fluid mobility of the car
  • We have technicians to examine the hoses and belts and check out the coolant and climate systems
  • Join us to check the tires, wiper blades, turn signals, headlines and tail lights of your car

No matter whatever the condition your car has been till date, we will make it revamp its services as good as new.

Keeping the vehicle safe for winter months:

Not just checking the vehicles during summer months, but we will prepare the car to cover the winter seasons well too. Our team of professionals from Savemore-Engine Transmission will check the wiper blades, tires, battery and the engine of the car, to help you drive through the road with confidence.